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kaconnect Documentation


Connection utility for the ALSA sequencer system
Kaconnect displays the readable and writable ports of the ALSA
sequencer system. Connections between those ports can be subscribed by
highlighting one port in the list of readable ports and one port in the
list of writable ports and then mouseclicking on "connect".
Disconnecting works the same way, but with mouseclick on "disconnect".
The height of the listboxes can be configured using the --height
option. Note that Kaconnect automagically updates the lists when ALSA
clients, which implement readable/writable ports, are started or
terminated. The display of subscribed connections is also updated
whenever a new client is started or a new subscribtion is performed
(also when using aconnect to subscribe/unsubscribe).
Homepage: http://alsamodular.sourceforge.net/
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